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78K Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Site Area : 7.20 acre / 3,13,600sq.ftLandscape Area : 1.00 acre / 43,500 sq.ftStatus : Built

Fading away from the stereotypical design compositions, very unique solutions in design have been made in this project. Instead of a conventional axis of a driveway, a staggered form of planting and flooring are adopted to reckon an informal street character to the landscape.
The positioning of the pool is carried out in a manner in which it appears as if it is merging into the surrounding landscape giving an impression of an infinity pool.The boundary of the pool is a sinuous curve that amalgamates into the surrounding area. The flooring type being stone crete also adds to the natural, organic picture that is wholly created in the landscape.
A variety of flowering plants are used throughout the landscape which are contained well within a region and used to differentiate dissimilar boundaries.

Aqua Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Site Area : 17.80 acre / 7,75,000sq.ftLandscape Area : 1.80 acre / 79,000 sq.ftStatus : Built

A unique axis that flows through various common open plots in this project is classified and identified through its wide range of variety in plantation. The lotus ponds, fountains and swimming pool contribute to landscape aesthetics which is well balanced with other elements as well whereas the common plantation along the boundaries help define the landscapes spaces from the road.
The axis consisting of four courts varying from each other in many ways based on the function and kind of plantation and geometry that is followed. The evergreen creepers with pergola spaces facing an open court terminating into a fountain space that is skirted with decks and seating areas on different levels creates a sense of solidarity
Informal landscape spaces have meandering curves with no defined boundary. A playground is placed in between the growing, sinuous mounds creating interesting visuals at every focal point. The clubhouse court uses a formal language with defined edges for ponds and pathways with an array of flowering plants cascading through the pavilions which makes the space vibrant throughout the year.
Interesting patterns of mosaic, radial geometry, varied contours with slopes and mounds surrounded by flowering shrubs constitute this harmonious landscape that frames and highlights the existing architectural character of the surrounding.

Aria Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Site Area : 3.80 acre / 1,65,500sq.ftLandscape Area : 2.50 acre / 1,10,000 sq.ftStatus : Built

This Landscape has no definite boundaries or shape or form or edges but meandering itself like flowing water between built forms creating landscape elements. The vertical thin concrete slices allow permeability of spaces around.
It creates a melody of moods from swings along thin screen which serve as a play zone for kids to the central plaza for seating and enjoying the lawn swath to looking at kid’s hip hop on play equipment. The trees in the central plaza form punctuation spaces and the soft planted edge add colour and fragrance along the edge of the building. Hidden spaces between are zones of fitness to enjoy the workouts with their toddlers around.
A landscape which is like a Mobius strip with no ends. It reinforces the words Aria - an expressive Melody like an opera.

Aura Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Site Area : 2.25 acre / 1,00,000sq.ftLandscape Area : 0.60 acre / 25,000 sq.ftStatus : Built

The Landscape is looked as a lace work of overlapping of planes (hard scape and softscape). At a micro level the flooring is treated as an intrinsic mosaic of different colors. This is then reinforced with another layer of planting with drive over lawns and ground covers.
The central area pivots around two large mango trees at lower level to allow for a better space formation.The sunken kids den is a very vibrant space allowing for various physical activities and giving them a space of their own. Customized equipment’s and a wall with many caricature eyes peeping, discreetly saying you are being watched.
A Chickoo grove greets as one enters the central courtyard. A small hidden plaza at the rear multiples as an amphitheater for the end user. Lawn for the society interaction is laid behind the Chickoo grove.

Court Of Whispering Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Site Area : 0.75 acre / 32,500 sq.ftLandscape Area : 0.15 acre / 6,500 sq.ftStatus : Built

The landscape for an extremely tight site in the middle of the city tries to explore the idea of “chit chat” or “getting connected. The space tries to look at the whole idea of connecting people visually to the movement spine thereby exploring the “peep in “anidea which seems to have been lost.
The area is extremely well crafted with concrete benches and a small water feature which allows for multiplicity of seating groups and thereby creating a life by sound for the residential tower.

Court Within Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Site Area : 1.10 acre / 48,000 sq.ftLandscape Area : 1.00 acre / 43,500 sq.ftStatus : Ongoing

Fading away from the stereotypical design compositions, very unique solutions in design have been made in this project. Instead of a conventional axis of a driveway, a staggered form of planting and flooring are adopted to reckon an informal street character to the landscape.
The positioning of the pool is carried out in a manner in which it appears as if it is merging into the surrounding landscape giving an impression of an infinity pool.The boundary of the pool is a sinuous curve that amalgamates into the surrounding area. The flooring type being stone crete also adds to the natural, organic picture that is wholly created in the landscape.
A variety of flowering plants are used throughout the landscape which are contained well within a region and used to differentiate dissimilar boundaries.

Festive Square Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Site Area : 4.05 acre / 1,76,000sq.ftLandscape Area : 3.30 acre / 1,43,000 sq.ftStatus : Ongoing

The central court of the project is undertaken for landscaping which contains a large opulent space with water as an integral part of the design. The use of water and land coincide in such a way that it creates an illusion of a seamless landscape that grooves into the built space.
Softening the obvious building lines with a sense of a balanced composition, the landscape grows with time blurring the lines between landscape and built area. The different levels that are created within the landscape add up to form an interesting feature.

Opulence Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Site Area : 2.00 acre / 90,000 sq. ft.Landscape Area : 0.50 acre / 20,000 sq.ftStatus : Built

The landscape is extremely crafted with minute earth sculptures, water features, suspended light sculptures, wooden trellis, intricate planting, wooden decks and customized stepping stones. The landscape is all about awe when one walks into the court.
The landscape with its fineness is something which is not only experienced at the ground level but also when one overlooks from their airy galleries.
This project won Best Landscape Design in Residential Big Category- Artists in Concrete Awards Asia Fest 2013 – 2014.

Orchid Divine Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Site Area : 1.80 acre / 79,000 sq.ftLandscape Area : 1.10 acre / 48,000 sq.ftStatus : Ongoing

Crafting a narrow strip of landscape using a formal language with crisp lines and appropriate hierarchy in plantation according to the privacy levels required as they are abutted by driveways on both sides. The hardscape follows the same geometry as the already existing building outlines with variation in planting and pavements.
The children’s play area is encompassed with a feature wall on an elliptical base that creates more interest with punctures and larger openings surrounded by plantation behind which the pool is located.

Orchid Paradise Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Site Area : 3.00 acre / 1,30,500sq.ftLandscape Area : 0.60 acre / 25,000 sq.ftStatus : Built

A definite geometry is designed in such a way that the landscape by itself creates interest and curiosity with multiple levels, variety in planting and pathways. Different spaces are defined within informal sinuous curves which are carried out onto a rigid outline of the buildings.
Levels are approached through ramps which create a free flowing change of spaces. The elliptical shaped lawn is circumscribed with shrubs along with a pergola that seems to float on a lotus pond. The curves terminate at all corners harmoniously with edges neatly crafted and informal seating area emerging out from the landscape as extended stone slabs.

Sky Garden Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Site Area : 0.20 acre / 9,000 sq. ft.Landscape Area : 0.13 acre / 6,000 sq. ft.Status : Built

A compact terrace came as a dare for crafting usable entertainment space by not restricting itself to mundane geometry or as a design constraint for all utilities.
The terrace creates ample breathing spaces and elements within to create a drama. Parapet planting is done to seclude the space from the outside and create a nice seating area with pergolas and artificial lawn for members.

Spreading Edges Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Site Area : 1.00 acre / 43,500 sq.ftLandscape Area : 0.75 acre / 32,500 sq.ftStatus : Built

The project changes the visual axis of the garden from being linear to transverse towards the lobbies on both sides. Small projections from the lobby foyer quietly nestle in garden to create spaces for passive recreation.
Garden slices in between two buildings and slowly seeps in, fusing the boundaries of the hardscape and softscape. Handmade tiles, exposed brickwork around the existing neem tree and fine sand reinforces the earthy character of the space and allows the landscape to change along with seasons.

Vibgyor Street Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Site Area : 2.00 acre / 90,000 sq. ft.Landscape Area : 1.20 acre / 50,000 sq. ft.Status : Built

A slice of landscape within parallel buildings is seen as an opportunity to create an interesting street landscape which gently curves creating various experiences with benches to culminate into plazas with play courts.
The edges along the building are carefully planted with flowering shrubs taking into account their flowering season. A small sunken water court which multiplies as an amphitheater, a large swath of lawn, court of fragrance with benches and a floating gymnasium over the lotus pond are some landscape experiences which the design reinforces.
The vertical screen is used as support to allow for landscape to climb and seemingly blending the plane of landscape from horizontal to vertical.

Linear Court Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Site Area : 1.00 acre / 43,500 sq.ftLandscape Area : 0.20acre / 9,000 sq. ft.Status : Built

Creating an ambience with the hint of a playful character along with it being a serene landscape was experimented in this project. Bright coloured triangular benches which also acted as tree pits placed at different angles to create a rhythm instead of a monotonous line.
The sleek water feature balances out this landscape with an interesting composition of vertical stone elements with a fountain. Seasonal bouquets of flowers are grown on this landscape keeping it lively and colourful throughout the year.

Flower Mosaic Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Site Area : 0.25 acre / 11,000 sq. ftLandscape Area : 0.25 acre / 11,000 sq. ft.Status : Conceptual

The concept was to mimic a typical street of city where the walkway changes direction allowing for variety of visual experiences within an area of 4000 sq.ft.
The brush concrete walkway serves as one monolithic plane in contrast to wide range of plant selection. The walkway is flanked by sculptural quality trees and display of flowering shrubs which are seldom experienced within urban settings.
The landscape tries to explore color in true sense. The plant material in this particular case carefully examines the flowering season and its mixing with other plant material to ensure color throughout the year.

Flowing Flowers Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Site Area : 0.11 acreLandscape Area : 0.09 acreStatus : Conceptual

The landscape allows for various kinds of visual experiences for the guests. It tries to allow various kinds of spaces from party areas, flower walk, meditation area to kitchen garden.
The idea is to use borrowed landscape as much as possible and try to cocoon itself from other adjoining structures. Each and every area of the project has been hand crafted.

Line In Between Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Project Type : Residential-Apartment
Site Area : 2.00 acre / 87,000 sq.ft Landscape Area : 2.00 acre / 87,000 sq.ft Status : Ongoing

Landscape for a contemporary residential apartment along one of the main roads of Ahmedabad. The frontage is very small but long which is a blessing in disguise as the copper ,wood and metal installation along the driveway forms the entrance to this property and the drive ensures one loses the noise of huzz buzz of city.
Over a basement the fire driveway is treated like an interaction plaza for the members of this apartment and long wall which works as a screen, a water feature, a planter, ramp edge in short the line which is the pivot of the project around which all activities are oriented.
The graphics of the plan are que lines from the site profile which help in crafting the spaces.
The terrace overlooking the city is designed for Cosy seating, family and friends gathering along with barbeque station and pergolas which form a nice venue for entertainment.

Water Pavillion Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Site Area : 0.90 acre / 40,000 sq. ft.Landscape Area : 0.40 acre / 20,000 sq. ft.Status : Built

The existing landscape had to be refurbished and a siting of the lounge with swimming pool without reducing the vastness of lawn was the brief. The office looked at the siting of the lounge between palm trees as a glass box which creates its own space without disconnecting it from existing landscape. The pool acts as a mirror to reflect the lounge and gives a floating effect.
The lotus pond, fountains of the pool, planting along edges, customised light fitting all provide different characteristics to the space as one walks along the pathway. The pathway broadens along its length as small family sit out areas which is located after studying sun movements. Misters are added along perimeter to cool the temperatures during harsh summer months.

My Own Patio Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Site Area : 0.25 acreLandscape Area : 0.20 acreStatus : Built

Landscape of approximately 8000 sq.ft.surrounds the bungalow almost seamlessly using fruit orchards, vegetable garden, pooja flowers, along with other plant material.
The driveway has grasses on one side and a wooden ramp to connect to the landscape hidden amidst flowering shrubs. All spaces of the bunglow spill out and become an integral part of the landscape spaces. Small water feature quietly marks its presence near the deck floating on the lotus pool which serves as a rain water harvesting pond.

Veerbhadra Heights Surat, Gujarat
Site Area : 2.00 acre / 90,000 sq. ft.Landscape Area : 1.50 acre / 65,000 sq. ft.Status : Ongoing

A residential project designed with the motive of providing with spaces which are required by the residents. The design has inculcated with various zones creating interest for different age groups. These spaces have been created as buffer zones and breathing spaces for the site.

Earth Errita Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Site Area : 1.50 acre Landscape Area : 1.25 acre Status : Built

Is there a landscape or was the houses crafted around the landscape, a question which is design would like to answer in ten years’ time. The landscape flows through each and every house and the open spaces seemingly diminishing the boundaries to have a larger feel of the space.
The road is looked as a large swath carrying series of activities between the residences and the amenity space.

60 Dwelling Idar, Gujarat
Site Area : 3.30 acre Landscape Area : 3.30 acre Status : Ongoing

A gated community in a small town for 60 families was the challenge for this firm.
A tight budget was by no means a constraint in exploring the possibilities of making it interesting both in terms of space utilisation and also visual appearance.
The master plan is a simple geometric plan but the overlap of the street character provided the ambiance to the project.
Open spaces were kept in two locations , the former to allow for congregation and large functions , the latter for the society including a small club building.
The office tries to attempt a very simple habitable space which grows with the society into a more soothing green space in a natural beautiful rock setting.

Gala Lotus Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Site Area : 11.00 acre / 5,00,000 sq. ft.Landscape Area : 1.50 acre / 65,000 sq. ft.Status : Built

Foreseeing an ideal clubhouse space, the design idea involved the use of a moat around the built space. This ensued with the insertion of a lotus pond around the clubhouse which added another dimension to the built space. The swimming pool contains a deck within itself which elevates on to the building edge. Along with adding an interesting character to the pool, it accommodates areas for seating and a walkway that leads to the interior spaces.
The sunken kids play area, inserted within the vicinity of the common landscape areas, adds character to the overall feel of the walkways pinned down as a landmark in the proximity. Attained through the use of levels, columns used as barriers with an interesting lighting effect add to the unique featuring for the play area. The orientation of these columns also creates a pattern whose playful edifice is contained inside as well as outside the court.


Springdale( Ground in Motion) Residential-Site office, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Site Area : 0.50 acre / 25,000 sq. ft.Landscape Area : 0.40 acre / 20,000 sq. ft.Status : Built

The landscape is woven around a series of lawn beads. The walkways are always flanked by mounds and curved elements strategically positioned to give a sense of movement. The flooring pattern echoes the curve of the walk by compressing and releasing as the walkway width gets tight.
The planting is of similar character with sculptural trees to form a homogenous edge to hold this ground motion.

EARTH ARISE Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Site Area : 1.00 acre / 45,000 sq.ftLandscape Area : 0.65 acre/29,000 sq.ftStatus : BuiltClient : M/s Elegance SKYZ, Ahmedabad

Reinforced with idea of accumulating earth, that rises upon placing an edifice on land is taken afar as an idea into the landscape created in this project. The display of the retaining wall at the entrance with mounds rising up towards it, and then opening out into a water body spells out the kind of feel that was to be accomplished. The glass slit upon this wall unveils the layers of earth beneath the mound creating an obvious intention to display the idea.
Smaller landscape elements delineate the idea of soil or strata which is observed in the parking lot containing circular patterns that depict the texture of strata. The fountain design bestows the overall feel of the project and terminates with an idea of flying birds when seen from the offices. The garden area also contributes to the complexity and creates a unique aura in the space with the use of seasonal flowers.
This project won the commendation award in Best commercial landscape design - Artists in Concrete Awards Asia Fest 2014 and 2015.

Cyber Heights Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Site Area : 1.75 acre / 76,000 sq.ftLandscape Area : 1.00 acre / 45,000 sq.ftStatus : OngoingClient : M/s Levana Group, Lucknow

The preliminary idea in this project was to superimpose a green edge onto an active commercial phase which serves as a breather to the commercial at the ground level.
Achieved through simple linear green spaces with row plantation and a water body, the space feels like a natural extension of the building. The fountain at the entrance is an important node in the visual axis of the space that adds to the character of the landscape.
Mild steel elements are used through the parking axis along with plantation to create an invisible demarcation between the building edge and the road.

Tamed Nature Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Site Area : 0.40 acre /18,000 sq.ftLandscape Area : 0.20 acre /9,000 sq.ftStatus : BuiltClient : M/s H.N. Safal, Ahmedabad Project Name : Mondeal Retail Park

The landscape is looked as an exhibit of plant material at various levels from basement to podium to the developed podium level. The form of the court is determined by the edge of the building like an Indian street with nooks and corners. The landscape magnifies the same in third dimension and provides the elevation to touch the white awning above.
The planting is largely done with three types of plant but at varying heights to break the ground plane of hues of green to blend with the exposed grey concrete.

Eight Pins Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Site Area : 1.00 acre /45,000 sq.ftLandscape Area : : 0.50 acre /22,500 sq.ftStatus : BuiltClient : M/s Venus Lifespace Creators, AhmedabadProject Name : Benecia

A commercial project where a signature element is added which are referred to as ‘Eight Pins’ are vertical elements with a circular base that stand out at the entrance to the property. These pins are tall, striking steel structures with a wire mesh covering one side onto which creepers are grown.
The plant material chosen is bold and to create a strong impact on these vertical elements of the landscape. These eight pins are spread across horizontally creating a rhythmic pattern on a horizontal plane.

West Gate Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Site Area : 2.90 acre /1,30,500 sq.ftLandscape Area : 1.70 acre /76,500 sq.ftStatus : OngoingClient : M/s True Value Nirman Pvt. Ltd, Ahmedabad

The design approach obediently followed the existing geometric lines of the building, especially the sloping entrance porch. The fountain design followed an angle that was complementary to that of the entrance porch and is stationed at the end of the slope which takes it form as though the impact of the porch on ground has erupted back.
The floorscape depicts a sense of dynamism in its composition. The changing pattern in the flooring details of the walkways and driveways are designed with a sensitized notion towards creating motion through landscape. The water feature adds to the micro climatic condition along with its obvious aesthetic feature.
The hardscape is fitted well within these existing imaginary lines in a linear manner that contradicts the movement seen in the floorscape. Hence, these components together create a harmonic juxtaposition which is carefully centered in this office court. Plantation was utilized as vertical elements distributed throughout the landscape that highlights the definite geometry along with the outlines of the grass area and is chosen to be very minimal as compared to other groves used in landscape.

Wedge Plaza Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Site Area : 1.50 acre /65,000 sq.ftLandscape Area : 1.00 acre /45,000 sq.ft Status : BuiltClient : M/s Goyal & Co., Ahmedabad Project Name : Palladium

Contemporary corporate landscape carried out in with minimalistic use of landscape components that are composed on a triangular space creates a serene breathing space in between two building blocks. Interesting spaces are created and demarcated using levels and added with benches on various nodes of these levels.
The water feature includes the lily pond that creates a different mood along with choice of furniture used. A combination of row planting, tree pits and pots are adjoined with an interesting pattern of seating patterns along the length of the landscape area abutting the driveway.

Solitaire Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Site Area : 1.00 acre /45,000 sq.ftLandscape Area : 0.75 acre /35,000 sq.ft Status : BuiltClient : M/s H.N. Safal, Ahmedabad

The office looks at a very tight urban commercial edge along one of its main artery in the city. Lack of time has affected the manner in which any space or object is looked at. Solitaire as the word suggests is synonym to sparkle, the office explores a simple idea of sparkling and hence attracting.
The sheen of the landscape is what is depicted by strong insertions in the form of Stainless Steel planters. While the sheen is on the outside more like a gift wrapper, the landscaped court inside offers a large space for all to congregate and experience a protected environment which tries to shield itself from outside.
This project won theBest commercial landscape design - Artists in Concrete Awards Asia Fest 2013 and 2014.

Ashtavinayak Temple Pune, Maharashtra
Site Area : 14.00 acreLandscape Area : 11.50 acreStatus : Ongoing

Designing landscape for a spiritual space follows a systematic attempt to create an ambience that elevates the existing aura of solitude, tranquility and stillness. The landscape follows a style that resembles the ancient temple style with a modern touch to it. The direction and composition of planting follows the pradakshina path and the large swath of lawn behaves as a foreground for the temple which is spread out to incur a balance and create a satisfying panorama of the temple view.
The water bodies in the project played a very important role with intricate details that echoed the devotional calm of the landscape which is a constant element throughout the landscape.
The dense background of shrubs and trees with a strong seasonal variation provides a sense of seclusion with depth of foliage that screens the temple. A variety of aromatic flowering plants are used for different occasions are also grown within the landscape.
It results in a craftwork where the design details all come together for a comfortable and beautiful contemplative experience.

Site Area : 5.80 acreLandscape Area : 3.50 acreStatus : Conceptual

As the name follows, this project showcases a grand, lavish landscape design that correlates with the existing design of the building. Combinations of simple, creative and impactful elements have been utilized in the designs which are placed carefully throughout the site.
It consists of intricate details all the way from the start till the end, including every small space, thought of, and designed accordingly. The grand lighting fixtures also add to the character of the space along with the polish finished flooring.

EOS Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Site Area : 0.07 acreLandscape Area : 0.04 acreStatus : Built

The space is designed over the terrace of an existing hotel which had its utilities earlier which had to be relocated. Rusted metal sheets, wooden tables, copper terrazzo, glass pavilion bar which always connects to sky with its warm feeling, cocooned private dining with colourful cushions which add vibrancy , glass fountain and a light field of hundred lights all blended seamlessly to make this space seclude itself from the huzz buzz of neighbouring street and connect to the stars above.
EOS‘- Goddess of Dawn was what the place was called. Amphora’ a ceramic vessel used by the greeks for storage of water and wine is used as an emblem which reinforces the idea quietly.

RE Life Surat, Gujarat
Site Area : 1.70 acre / 75,000 sq. ft.Landscape Area : .50 acre / 65,000 sq. ft.Status : Conceptual

Designing landscape for a conventional hospital follows a methodical way of crafting a character which hoists the souls of the people.
On the contrary, this is a contemporary urban plaza designed in an unconventional manner to break the restrictions and tedium of hospitals. The display of light fixtures and open seating spaces has been provided to create drama and to give an essence of positivity to the project.

Levana Suits Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Site Area : 0.40 acreLandscape Area : 0.20 acreStatus : Ongoing

A grand, ornamental and rich landscape character with a contemporary style of a stone jali wall was incorporated as the main landscape element in this project. This stone skin cladding also creates an interesting light and shadow effect with intricate stone work crafted to precision in this landscape. Planters were placed inside this jali wall deliberately with an attempt to create drooping of planting on the outside to add interest and curiosity in the design.